1 Sklad
 2 Kajuta posádky
 3 Kajuta – 2 kóje
 4 Kajuta – 2 kóje
 5 Kúpelňa/WC
 6 Kúpelňa/WC
 7 Salón
 8 Navigácia
 9 Kuchyňa
10 Kajuta – 2 kóje
11 Kúpelňa/WC
12 Kajuta – 2 kóje
13 Kajuta – 2 kóje
14 Sklad
15 Sklad

The sailboat  M.R.ŠTEFÁNIK – www.yachtstefanik.com

The largest sailing ship flying the flag Slovak, led by an experienced crew to get to know the world´s most interesting destinations, not only from coast and inland, but also from the sea, where we await known and beautiful secluded beaches on the islands and islets which can not get.
Crew verified offers hiking trails, which are predetermined according to schedule of cruise sailing. You can even edit and more specifically to the desires of passengers, their mutual approval with respect to the current weather conditions and safety of navigation, which is paramount.

Model ship: Ketch
Boat Type: monohull
Total length of the ship: 20 meters (66 feet)
Length waterline ship in: 18,75 meters (61 feet a 6 inches)
Width: 5,3 meters (17 feet a 5 inches)
Maximum draft: 2,5 meters (8 feet and 3 inches)
Ship weight: 35 tons
Engines: two independent Perkons diesel engines (2 x 74 kW)
Fuel tank capacity: 1300 l (343 gal)
Capacity of tanks for drinking water: 2750 l (725 gal)
Boat capacity: 12 persons
Accommodation on a sailboat: 5 double cabins and 2 single 

Other areas:
3 bathrooms with toilets
spacious living room consisting of two parts
kitchen with gas stove, microwaree and electric oven and sink with wash basin
large cocpit (outer space) with table and benches
amount of storage space for food, personal items and things from the ship´s spacious deck to relax and nautical activities
outdoor shower on the back deck, steps into the water (2x), folding rear platform of which is ideal barrier-free access to water

Safety eqquipment:
12 lifejackets, 12 thoracic security straps
Rescue two islands, each for 6 people
McMurdo EPIRB buoy 406
3 lifebuoys, a life buoy in the shape of a horseshoe
small motor boat ( dinghy)

Victoty Sails
-Mainsail (82 m2)
-Genoa (112 m2)
-Jib (76 m2)
-Mizzen (24 m2)
all in good condition

Electrical systems:
12V, 24V and 220V

Electronic devices:
GPS Raytheon RV 300, anemometer, speedometer, depth sounder Raytheon ST 60, ST 6001
autopilot Raytheon
RB transmitter Furuno VHF, Radar Target SSB, TV, DVD, Pioneer stereo