Motto: believing, love, work...

Milan Rastislav Stefanik was born 2nd July 1880 in Košariská Brezova in as the sixth child in a family of national conscious evanjelic priest. After secondary school he moved to Prague to study building engineering, but then chooses the study of astronomy. In october 1904 became a doctor. 

At the end of November 1904 went to Paris with the intention to apply in the world. Trough the famous astronomer C. Flammarion received in April 1905 in place of assistant Janssen Meudon´s observatory. Occurs period of his scientific research activities. Alredy about two months to act Stefaanik Mont Blanc with a mission observe the Sun and Mars. Month after risky descent from the highest Alpine peak has been a member of the expedition to Spain, where the impact of scientific achievements in the spectral observations of total solar eclipse.
Reports about  them at the Congress of the International Union of Oxford, less than half of the French Academy translates Janssen five Stefaniks scientific papers.
In April and August 1906 takes further outputs to senior laboratory Mont Blanc for observations. Piblished the results of these studies Stefaniks Academy accepts as undisputed constribution to astrophysics. At the end of the involved astronomical expedition to Turkestan.

After his return to Paris the French Astronomical Society awarded Janssen price. Becomes Director Observatory on Mont Blanc. Alternately, treted and re-takes scientific missions to Algeria, Tunisia and the Sahara desert. When Srefanik led the 1910 scientific observation on the island of Tahiti, meets the road in the United States of America with our compatriots and convince them that, due to terror and a ruthless policy of Hungary Govermment of our nation can achieve national freedom only with their help. 

The observation of Halley´s Comet on the way back yet attended Jesuit observatory in Australia and at the end of July 1911 retutns from Oceania exhausted with ill health. In 1912, however, after receiving Stefanik French citizenship goes back further examine the solar eclipse in Brazil.

Milestonesof his life devoted to scinece, finally closed the year in early August 1914, when he was in Morocco Observatory caught in establishing a declaration of mobilization. The French government awarded him
the Knight´s Cross of Honour has Legion of the research results, which had alreadyy been destined to continue.

Active phase of the fight to liberate their homeland begins M.R. Stefanik in January 1915 as a French soldier army voluntarity to subscribe to the Air Force. Soon the front of Arras, where the place with his mechanic daring research flights. Get acquainted with the personalities in social political life, trying to get them to the idea of Czech-Slovak state.

In January 1916prepared Stefanik audience T.G.Masaryk, the French prime minister A. Briand and he participates in it. At a time whem Masaryk could still act as a private person, mediated Stefanik him to be able to explain its political program in the largest daily newpaper Paris, he prepared the adoption, President of the Bundestag P. Deschanel and later negotiate with Gabion and Chatin Cheradam. When meeting with Italian Foreign Minister Baron Sonnino, Queen Margaret and several generals developed issue of post-war chages in Europe. In June 1916, again in Paris and month leaving the authotity French Government from the title Vice Czechoslovak National Council to organize the creation of special Czechoslovak army of Russian compatriots in captivity. This important diplomatic-military missions, he managed completed until after the February bourgeois democratic revolution during his next trip to Russia. 

Following the declaration of the United States acquires German major Stefanik for the idea of Czech-Slovak Statehood journalistic, diplomatic and political circles in the U. S. and the help of expatriate associations receives 4,000 applications volunteers to our troops. In December 1917, fills this thing Stefanik spent since the beginning of their war best forces - the French government decree confirming the organization of an independent Czechoslovak army.

In such a situation, when the Prague ministerial seats to break the new gornment of the Czech-Slovak Republic Stefanik mission was to strengthen the discipline of our troops in distant Siberia and asked for immediate allies troops return home.
After the political and military negotiations in Italy and tour our militia battalions, Stefanik departing 4th May 1919 from the airport to Udine in the country. Shortly before 11.30 am approached his plane the marked landing area, near Ivanka - and crashed to the ground. In the wreckage died M. R. Stefanik - a great son of the Slovak nation. Circumstances of the accident was never investigated