Capital: Antigua – St Johns, Barbuda – Codrington
Area: 443 km2
Currency: East Caribbean dollar
Population: Antigua – 72 000, Barbuda – 1 250

Antigua and Barbuda is a state which is situated on three islands ( Antiqua, 100 km away Barbuda and the uninhabited rocky island of Redona).
Antigua is the largest of the leeward islands. Its irregular coastline is frayed and made ​​hundreds of rugged bays and domestic boast that you can choose from 365 beaches, most of which are accessible only from boats. For release and relaxation need look Half Monn Bay. It is one of the beaches where sand is white is turquoise. Thans to the safety of local ports and the islanders are very friendly encounterthe most amazigng yachts adn ships around  the world. Every year here in late April, at the end of the season, hosting the regatta round the island - Antiqua Sailing Week.We recommend to make a tour of the stylish English port name with a distinctive British Harbour.
Barbuda is a flat island, overgrownshrubs, located nort of Antiqua. It has a very long sandy beaches, sunshine-colored in pink, The color of sand supply remains fragmented shells.
Redonda is uninhabited volcanic rock, almost two kilometers long and over half a mile wide. Highest point located 297 meters above sea level. The island has no port, it is not drinking water or arable land. Here live only goats and seabirds.
Capital: Gustavia
Area: 21 km2
Currency: Euro
Popular: 9 000

St. Barth or St..Barthelemy French Caribbean is the epitome of elegance and supposedly most exclusive and the most expensive piece of volcanic rock in the area. It is a winter toy for rich and elegant, where trades Chanel and flowing chapagne. The island is only a small amount of black people. Almost all standing of indigenous people are white, wealthy and French origin. Gustavia Capital surrounds marina from three sides and guarded by 4 strength. Walking through its streets you will feel like somewhere in France. Saint Bartholomey is associated with the international jet set rich and famous people. They see in it place where one can not get unless they have a private planer or boat. During the winter season is lined marina impressed luxury yacht from around the world, which corresponds to the price of luxury jewelry stores and boutiques.
Capital: Marigot (F) a Philipsburg (NL)
Area: 87 km2 (53 km2 French, 34 km2 Nederland)
Currency: Euro, US dollar
Population: 75 000

Saint Martin (Sint Maarten Ntherlands) – the island is part of the Lesser Antilles in the northeaast Caribbean Sea. The division of the island is bound funny story, when each party has selected apedestrian as its representative. French went from the nort, strengthened wine, and Dutch from the south, strengthened gin. Where have encountered a border. Frenchman gets a much longer distance and thus obtain more land for their territory. Visitors searching for the island with white sand beaches, gourmet French restaurant and night life. Many tourists who come here will appreciate tax-free shopping, continuously open Casino in Dutch part of the island. Sait Martin is not a quiet Caribbean vacation. Be sure to find a place where you can escape, but the cruise ships that sttop there, turning the island upsid down.
Capital: The Valley
Area: 91 km2
Currency: East Caribbean dollar
Population: 11 560

Anguilla is a British overseas territory in the Lesser Antilles archipelago. It consists of the main island of Angulla ( coral and limestone island) and several much smaller uninhabited islands and islets. The island is full of dazzling white beach sand, lots of restaurants and hotels. Informal rules, which there are governed by most people is that it only builds up a palm tree. Thanks to tourism, it remains in a healthy balance and Anquillans continues to maintain his calm way of life that they sopassionately guarded. Anqulla inscription describes  T-shirt: "Lufe´s a beach and then goes to dinner."
Capital: Road Town (Tortola)
Area: 153 km2
Currency: US dollar
Population: 24 000

British Virgin Islands comprise over 50 small Caribbean islands, of which only 15 are permanently inhabited. To the west adjacent to the U.s.Virgin Island.The largst islands are Virgin Gorda, Tortola, Anegada and Jost Van Dyke. The main and biggest city Road Town on Tortola Island. The islands appeared in 1493, Christopher Columbus on his second voyage and named them Santa Ursula y las Once Mil Virgenes. In 1917 the United States bought the Danish Islands St. John, St.Thomas and St Croix and renamed of the U.S. Virgin Islands. Then rename the other Brithish Islands Brithish Virgin islands.

Tortola is the largest inhabited island BVI. It is a mountainous, volcanic activity created the island with the highest point 530m. There is Sage Mountain National Park, which is ral rainforest. You can enjoy the rest of the quantities of sandy beaches. 

Virgin Gorda – the unflattering name of " thick virgin" may be Christopher Columbus. Silhouette of woman allgedly recalls lying on his back. Island´s main attraction is The baths - a strange mix of gigant boulders scattered along the beach

Cooper Island – local marina and bar attracts sailors navigating in this area. 

Peter Island is an exclusive vacation spot with pretty full wallets and rich sea fauna.

Norman Island was reportedly a template to Stevenson´s Treasure Island. There is excellent snorkeling in the many caves, spectacular under water world and floating restaurants.

Salt Island has 2 residents who pay tax on a bag of salt British Queen, but mostly there is steam boat wreck Rhône.

Jost Van Dyke (pirate who plunders the 17th century surrounding islands) is known for beautiful white beaches and wild retreat.

Anegada is sometimes called " Mysterious Virgin" or " Cay Ghost", because located away from other islands and also because of the dangerous cliff. It s place that goes for shipwrecks, sharks, deserted beaches and the beings you might encounter in the night. Most of the island is declared reservation of the beautiful salt lake, flowering cacti, wild orchids, iguanas and flamingos.