Tobago Cays are crown jewels of Considered the Grenadines. It consists of five uninhabited islands. Coral reefs would be surrounded with incredibly clear blue, turquoise sea. rockyislands with cactus crops have many caves and beach with very white sand. There are alsovarious types of iguanas, turtles, a large number of colorful fishes. Tobago Cays area was Declared National Park and has taken many measures to protect natural resources - buildinganchorages, and banking.

Tobaco Cays islands offer great snorkeling and diving, reef In particular Horseshoe(Horseshoe).
Petit Tabac narrow island, Which is a combination of green and white sand, is also known from some movie
Pirates of the Caribbean scene.

Birds in jungle

Area: 18 km2
Population: 5 000
Island´s largest city: Port Elisabeth

Bequia is the northernmost and most populous island also the Grenadines, although here lives only 5 000 people. The island can arrive by air and ferry. There are also a port called PortElizabeth named according to the British Queen. Admiralty Bay is a bay full of sailors from around the world. The island has many tourist temptations such as beaches, nightlife, great restaurants,scuba diving, shopping, local life and art.

The most beautiful beach near Port Elisabeth - Princess MargaretBeach, surrounded by shrubs.
It is here mainly to watch Mancinelli trees whose leaves can cause skin rashes, andhallucinations.
Nevertheless, the island gives the impression of the subtleties and his distance, and so may be just the best Bequia choice of a family of small islands.
The island is famous carvings of wood, whale bones andshells of coconuts. SamMcDowell
who lives on the island, is generally regarded as the best carver in the world. It is said that art lecture
at Princeton University, where cutting of whalebone Kennedy himself had led him in 1955.

Capital: Kingstown
Area: 389 km2
Currency: East Caribbean dollar
Population: 118 000

Saint Vincent and Grenadnes (St. Vincent and Grenadines) the Caribbeanisland nation in the Lesser Antilles archipelago, one of the Windward Islands (Windward Islands), bordering the northern coast of South America. The largest island is St. Vincent, which is of volcanic origin. The Grenadines consist of 32 small coral islands, which is only half populated. Larger islands are Bequia, Canouan, Mustique, UnionIsland. The climate is hot and humid. The highest mountain of the island is a stratovolcano Sour-friere (1234m). When it erupted in 1902 1 680 people died. Other eruptions then took place between 1971 and 1979. The volcano is still active and can be on it make beautiful, although challenging output, which is definitely worth it. In this area, filming the movie Pirates of the Caribbean I. Stayed here in the bayWallilabou scenery that you can scout and refreshments in the pirate pub.
Capital: Castries
Area: 616 km2
Currency: East Caribbean dollar
Population: 167 000

Saint Lucia (St. Lucia), the island nation in the Caribean Sea in the Lesser Antillesarchpelago. Localited between Martinique and Sait Vincent and volcanic origin. On the island there are several volcanoes such as Mount Gimie, or Qualibou whisch last erupted in 1766. The climate is humid and hot. The whole island is covered with fertile volcanic soil. Rainforest was largely eradicating. Also known are The Pitons, od the city Sourfriere, which look best at sunset. If you are proficient  in trekking, you have them make out with a guide. Soufriere volcano explosion was the capital. After theaccident, which was greater part of the city destroyed by lava, became the capital of Castries. Here you can see many historical monuments and cathedrals. It is commercial center of the island.
Sait Lucia is among the most popular places for newly-weds spend honeymoon in the bay Marigot Bay. National symbol of the Jacquot Parrot, you can see on a trip around the island. The port Rodney Bay you can live to see the Black Pearl from the famou Pirates of the Caribbean.