Capital: Brades (oficial Plymouth)
Area: 102 km2
Currency: East Caribbean dollar
Population: 5 900

Montserrat was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493 and received thename by limestone mountains and Catalonia the National Shrine of Montserrat. The island is an overseas territory of Great Britain. Area about 102 km2 and has been largely due to handling materials volcanic activity within the island on the coast. The coastline is made ​​up of dramatic cliffs high 15 to 30 m, among which are scattered sandy beaches.. The two islands of Montserrat are:Little Redonda and Virgin. In the 70 the 20th century, the island became a popular destination for musicians and singers who are shooting at warm climate. Promising tourism development was interrupted at the turn of the 20th and 21 centuries with two catastrophes. In October 1989 struck the island of Hurricane Hugo, which destroyed the majority of the infrastructure of the island. Over the years the damage has been repaired and the number of tourists increased. Then came another disaster. In July 1995, the Soufriere Volcano, which was considered dormant, awoke to life. The eruption buried the capital city of Plymouth with a layer of mud more than ameter thick. Airport and port were destroyed, the southern half of the Island became uninhabitable, and half the population was forced to leave the island.Occasional eruption continued. In February 2005 opened a new airport in Bay Little Bay, away from eruption of activity, is built new capital and port.. Since the Soufriere Hill volcano is still active, part of the island is closed. Never the less But there will also find hiking trails that will lead you to beautiful views. Diving around coastal reefs you can look at the coral gardens and many beautiful animals.
Capital: St. Kitts – Basseterre, Nevis – Charlestown
Area: St. Kitts 176 km2 a Nevis 93 km2
Currency: East Caribbean dollar
Population: Kitts – 35 000, Nevis – 11 000

St. Kitts a Nevis are volcanic islands separated by the Strait and surrounded by coral reefs. Interior uninhabited islands covered by rainforest, which is a source of fresh water for the local population. Since the main Basseterre town on the coast hiking up mountains and green slopes to the summit of Mount Liamuiga (1156 m asl). You can make a trip to the National Park Brimstone Hill Fortress, where the same name is also a huge strenght. It offers you an insight into the harsh and tumultuous history of the   former Caribbean colonies. Construction dates of 18 century and was dubbed the Gibraltar of the Indies. Are among the largest fortress in the Caribbean.


Capital: Oranjestad
Area: 21 km2
Currency: US dollar
Population: 2 800

Sint Eustatius,  better known under the name of the Statia is a small island in the Caribbean Sea. The choice of restaurants, accommodation and the night life is modest, but the natural beauty of the island - on land and underwater- is what attracts most visitors. For the island's typical silhouette of extinct volcano The Quill (602 m) covered with lush vegetation. exit The peak rise inside the crater and back run into hundreds of hermit crabs,dozens of snakes (apparently not toxic) and lizards. Below sea level, there are many animals, coral, and oldshipwrecks. There is also a deliberately sunken wrecks of recent road map for divers. Tanks for oil - State Terminals - with continuous operation of oil tankers give the industrial character of the island.
Capital: The Bottom
Area: 13 km2
Currency: US dollar
Population: 1 600

Saba is the smallest of the six Caribbean islands, which fall under the Dutchcrown (Netherlands Antilles). belongs to group '. SSS islands (Saba, Saint Martin, Saint Eustatius). It is a dormant volcano with four craters. The volcanic peak of Mt. Scenery (877 m n.m.) rises majestically and extends from the Caribbean Sea as a tip of the iceberg, which is also thehighest point of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. You find the beaches, casinos, shopping or anything like than on other islands, but here ecohauses, hiking trails and excellent places for diving preserved in its original form. Each step what to do Saba, is either uphill or downhill. Built roads on the island until arround 1943. Theisland is uninhabited island of Green Island, north of Saba.